Starting off our Stowe area Wedding Season and perfectly executing an event on short notice.

On New Year's Day, I received a phone call from a Father from Atlanta, Georgia that was staying in Stowe and wanted to know if he could come a take a tour of Stowe Wedding Venue.  We were closed on New Year's Day, but I gladly met with him and by the end of January we had booked his daughter's wedding.  This was a destination wedding, as all involved were from Brooklyn, Atlanta and the UK.  The date they booked was March 31.  That gave us 8 weeks to start from scratch and develop a custom event, with a custom menu for both the bar and catering.  This was quite the challenge, but we were up for the task, even if it was the first wedding event of the season.  I am proud to say that we executed flawlessly and the event was a smashing success.  There are many that were involved, but I would like to thank some of our key players for putting forth the great effort that is required to pull of a luxury wedding on short notice.  Thanks and congratulations go out to our Catering Staff and their leaders, Kristin (Director of Catering) and Chef Vince, our top notch bar staff, Erin from Nectar and Root who did a phenomenal job on floral design and as always my Wife and Partner in everything I do, Jennifer.

This Event was a challenge, as it was the first of the season and short notice.  But it was great to work with the family from NYC, UK and Atlanta to pull off a most special evening.

Congrats to all involved.  I am most proud.

Below is the review we received, which mentions mostly me.  But I humbly know that it takes a special team and we are most fortunate to have one.

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